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Professionals Find a Fic/Icon/Pic/Whatever

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Professionals Find a Fic/Icon/Pic/Whatever



September 25th, 2018

Hello to all!
I’m trying to find a story (that I was sure to have saved on my kindle but now is disappeared)
The boys are on manouvres in the country
There are some others two or three groups, and there is a bet between Cowley and another commander
I remember the Boys camping under some apple trees; another group having an injury and them giving help

Ring a bell?

Thank you so much for any help, is driving me crazy trying to remember the title !

August 23rd, 2018


Just wondered if anyone knows anything about stories by Maddalia? They seem to have disappeared from Archive of Our Own.


June 2nd, 2018

After sunray45 mentioned a story where she didn't know author nor titel I thought I come and ask if anyone can help.

All we know is Bodie inherits a pub, I think in Scotland, which is haunted by Doyle's ghost.

Does it ring any bell? I know it isn't much, but sometimes some people are very clever and have a brilliant mind. :-)


I'm looking for a slash story, but I don't remember much. Ray and Bodie are sleeping together, working on a case and an old friend of Bodie tags along, maybe from his mercenary days. All I really remember is that the guy talks to Ray about the law of the jungle or something that like and convinces Ray that Bodie's going to kill him.

I remember a night scene, Ray running away and hiding in a sort of sewer or something like that. Bodie finds him and Ray asks if Bodie's going to kill him now.

Thanks in advance for any help provided.

May 26th, 2018

At Media West and we need a story title for a panel --

Bodie was in prison as undercover and Doyle was a guard and they are both found out


Also any prison reccs would be grand


April 23rd, 2018

Not a question

Doyle Reading Room
We all know it that we have some scenes or keywords to remember a story. And sometimes this is enough to find a story or to ask here and if you are lucky there is a fan who knows the story and remembers it because of the keyword. But sometimes nobody knows what stroy you're searching for.

This situation was the reason for some of us to create the community prosficindex. In this community you can find many keywords and under the keywords are many links to stories. The way to post is easy.

If you have a special keyword for a story go over to the community, search in the master list if this keyword already exists. If it exists click on the link and look if your story is included. If not, please leave a comment with the link and the titel of the story. If your keyword doesn't exist, please make a new post and use your keyword as subject. Then put the link to this story in the post. One of the Mods will include your new keyword to the master list.

It would be nice if many people would help us to create new keywords. Oh, and if you have a keyword but wouldn't like to post by yourself, please contact one of the mods of prosficindex. We then will make the post for you. :-)

Dear Mods: If this entry is not wanted in this community, please delete it. 

April 22nd, 2018


Saw this on wiki fanlore listing stories featuring Bodie in Alternate or Fantasy Universes.

"CI5 still exists,but...
Bodie is a guardian of a pre-Christian well of power,protecting England."

1 would be interested to read this story.

Also does the Gryphon Press still operate?

March 20th, 2018

Gotcha to look :)

I am looking for a pic of Bodie in black with short tan jacket walking away ( yes, from behind)

I should have it but I cannot find it and it's driving me even nuttier than I am. . .hard to believe, I know. . . .help

Thanks :)
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