Training in the wilds fic

I'm searching for a fic where Bodie and Doyle have recently met and are training somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Of course, they don't think much of each other. Both end up in a river with Bodie unconscious. Doyle has to save him. And the partnership is formed.

Thanks for any help!


Looking for a death story for a friend

She thinks she read it in a zine back in the 1990's by someone named Jennifer. I don't think it's Jennifer Lyon, though. She said it was a death story and rather short. In the story, both Bodie and Doyle have been shot and are dying in a basement. She said that Doyle had been shot in the head and that Bodie had been shot in the abdomen. They spend their last moments together and she said that, even though it was a death story, it was actually inspiring.

I don't know death stories, so any help is wonderful!!!!!!!

thanks :)
xmas bulb

Xmas story. . . . ?

Need help to find the title of a Christmas story.  It revolves around a christms bell that was doyle's little sisters.  He took it when he left home.  He tells bodie the story of the bell and how his mom says you always need a tree.  Doyle is injured and in hospital, bodie goes to doyle's and sees there is no tree or bell displayed.  sound familiar??

Found - Everyone loves soldiers

This fic may be hard to find because what I remember about it is not its plot.

I remember a bit describing how, as a child, Bodie always wanted to grow up to be a soldier, because soldiers were people that everyone loved and had only good words for. (The reader knows that it's the ones who never came back that this applied to.)

Sound familiar?


I'm looking for a story I wrote, which was published in "The Bisto Boys" from Infinity Press/Red Rose Press in July 2001. The link given in Fanlore isn't working, and I have lost the entire text.  It probably has the name Elizabeth Holden as author, though it cold also be Amy A. Morgan or Fajrdrako.

FOUND - Looking for a fic


I'm looking for a historical fiction AU. I remember the title is 'Traitor' and that the story somehow is based on the Scarlet Pimpernel or maybe Bodie is the Pimpernel, I'm not sure.

I don't really remember much about the fic, only that Bodie spends most of the story thinking that Ray is a traitor for some reason and then obviously close to the end he finds out it's not true. Ring any bells?